Male Performance Pack

$100.00 $95.00

Now you can get your first pack of Veral and JDI Multi with Neustem at “below distributor” pricing.

This package is for monthly shipment.  Autoship only.  Standard Distributor pricing applies after the first month.

Neustem™ Cell Helper is added to our new jdi multi to help make it a superior and more complete multi

There are numerous factors that set NeuStem™ Cell Helper apart from most other products in this category, including our very own Vita-Stim Concentrate™

  • Multi-Vitamin / Multi-Mineral Formula with added Stem Cell Nutrition Support.
  • Boost of 1,000 IU of Vitami D3 per serving.
  • With NeuStem™ Cell Nutrition Concentrate Support 705 mg (Patented Proprietary Formulation).
  • It contains key absorbable and functional ingredients that are not generally available in any one nutritional supplement.
  • Is one of the most complete daily supplements on the market. It is so unique, it is patented!

About Veral

Testosterone is Vital For The Health of Any Man.

Perhaps more than any other hormone, testosterone defines who a man is and supports his well being. That’s why it is so important for men to maintain healthy testosterone levels. The key ingredients in Veral Manly Aid by JDI International have been clinically shown to help do just that by boosting free testosterone levels.*

Boost Free Testosterone Naturally…and More!*

Great At Any Age!

Whether you’re in your twenties, your fifties or older, support your masculinity, your sexuality, your muscle mass and your energy metabolism with Veral Manly Aid by JDI.


1 × JDI™ Multivitamin - Multimineral with Neustem - Autoship
1 × Veral™ Manly Aid - Autoship